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Pilot project requirements

Why to apply?

Are you developing your bioenergy business in Ukraine or in Russia? Have you already delivered a feasibility study or are about to elaborate one? Are you lacking a good business plan? Do you want to start the implementation of your project in 2015? Are you lacking political and financial support to ensure a smooth implementation of your project? – Let us know, apply to get a status of a pilot project within BIO-PROM, and we will help you to get ahead!

In order to promote the sustainable production and use of bioenergy in the Russian Federation and Ukraine, BIO-PROM supports selected bioenergy projects – pilots – that clearly demonstrate their compliance with the following quality criteria:

  • Quality of technologies to be applied
  • Feedstock availability and diversification
  • Existing financing, financing concepts
  • Transferability (replication) of the project concept
  • Addressing of the aspects of environment protection
  • Local acceptance of the project
  • Provision of a local business component (for power generating projects only)

Within BIO-PROM, our pilots get a free-of-charge support including:

  • Development of concepts for successful project implementation in the Russian Federation and Ukraine 
  • Preparation of financing concepts for projects in the targeted countries
  • Support in development and assessment of feasibility studies
  • Support and advice on strategic negotiations
  • Capacity-building for pilot project partners from Russia and Ukraine
  • Quality management and monitoring of the pilot‘s implementation

How to apply?

You can download the info-package to know more about the application and selection procedure as well as the application form that must be filled out to get on board. Both documents are available in English and in Russian. Thus, you have a possibility to apply in the language which is the most convenient for you.

The BIO-PROM team is looking forward to your applications and is happy to assist you whenever you have questions concerning the application, selection or support procedures.