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Instructions for participation

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One of the goals of BIO-PROM is to support the Russian Federation with measures increasing the capacity of the selected target groups to develop the environment-friendly sector of bioenergy. In this regard a comprehensive CB-programme is delivered by the BIO-PROM coordinator, Agency for Renewable Resources/FNR. The programme takes place in the period from September 2015 till March 2015.

Special attention is paid to two main target groups:


1. Representatives of the relevant ministries and regional administrations, and

2. Entrepreneurs involved in the bioenergy sector in Russia and Ukraine.


The capacity building programme in Russia will include seven three-hour workshops to selected bioenergy topics. The workshops will be provided in the online webinar format so that no onsite participation will be required. This approach shall also encourage an involved participation of the target audience from the remote regions of the country.

For the attendance of each workshop, the participants will receive an official Confirmation of Participation. After the completion of the whole capacity building programme comprising all seven workshops, the participants will receive an official Bioenergy Certificate listing all topics discussed. Thus, at the target audiences may choose whether to participate in a selected measure, or to obtain the whole capacity building programme and to receive a broad spectrum of the latest information in the interdisciplinary field of bioenergy.

The capacity building programme for the Russian Federation is available on the website of BIO-PROM and disseminated via the local project partners in the target country. . The workshops are planned to take place once a month, starting in September 2015. The full schedule is available online.

To endorse your interest in participation, you can fill out the online registration form on the top of this page. After the registration you will receive the information on the exact time of the workshop. The participation in the workshops is free of charge.

Should you become interested in our capacity building offer, please, register soon! We will be happy to meet you in our workshops!