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Project profile: Biobased heat production project

Project location

Project site: Chervonograd

Region: Lviv Oblast

Country: Ukraine

Project concept

The Project aims at the implementation of a sustainable heat production and supply system in the city of Chervonograd, Ukraine.

Key Elements:

  1. The heat generation shall be converted from fossil natural gas to renewable and climate-friendly biomass for the district heating in Chervonograd.
  2. Fuel is provided by sustainably produced willow wood chips from short rotation coppice (SRC).
  3. The district heating plant will be reconstructed. The initial installed thermal capacity amounts to 8 MW to provide heat for municipal and social buildings. (The full capacity in the final stage will reach 24 MW for all consumers.)
  4. The energy efficiency of the heating grid will be improved. The grid will be checked and improved to reduce heat losses.

Fuel specification

  • Wood chips from willow-SRC and forest residues (moisture up to 55%)
  • Caloric value of SRC-Chips and wood residues at 15% moisture: 4kWh
  • Products will meet the DIN/ISO parameters and other international standards.
  • Annual fuel capacity (1. Stage 8 MW): 10,000 - 12,000 tons SRC-Chips (15 % moisture)

Project consortium


The company Energoinvest was founded in 2003 in Lviv. The company will be the operator of the biomass plant in Chervonograd. Its goal is to provide a reliable and efficient energy supply in the city of Chervonograd. Energoinvest works according to the motto: "Use energy economical!"

Salix Energy

Agro-energy company "SALIX energy" was founded in 2010 and is the largest owner of industrial plantations of energy willow (Salix viminalis) in Eastern Europe and manufacturer of environmentally friendly biomass.

Currently, the company has planted energy willow plantations on the area above of 1500 hectares. The company is planning to increase the area to 2,000 hectares and reach a production capacity 40,000 tons of biofuel per year.

The company vision is to build its own opportunities for burning biomass and production of heat and green energy.

"SALIX energy" has all the necessary specialized equipment and provides a full range of unique services for the preparation and distribution of elite planting material and establishing of industrial plantations of energy willow.

Video about Salix: Energy willow for heating: economy and energy independence.


The Czech company TTS energo is the technical partner in the project. TTS is active in the market for heating. TTS follows the idea that heat should be provided ecologically. Therefore the company concentrates on renewable sources for the production of heat.

Proekt BUD

The private enterprise "Proekt BUD" was founded in 2007 in Lviv. The company is engaged in the development of renewable projects such as wind farms and solar power plants.

Selection of references:

  • "Starosambirskyi wind farm" in Staryj Sambir, Lviv region
  • "Skolivska wind farm". Lviv region
  • "Sambor solar power plant", Lviv oblast
  • "Stari Bogorodchany 1", Ivano-Frankivs'ka oblast

Project status

Initial negotiations conducted with supplier of raw material. The search for equipment and its supplier is ongoing. Letters of intent have been signed with local partners.

Expected sustainable results and solutions


Greenhouse gases (GHG) are reduced due to the modernisation of the fossil fuel-based local heating system and its transition to a biofuel-based sustainable system.

  • The reduction will amount up to 90% of GHG if natural gas is substituted with wood chips
    (Natural gas: 0,247 kg/kWh CO2 equivalent; wood chips: 0,023 kg/kWh CO2 equivalent)
  • If an annual production of ca. 20 GWh is suggested, the GHG are reduced by approximately 4.480 t.
  • The utilization of fallow land for the cultivation of energy plants is another environmental aspect.

1 KEA Klimaschutz- und Energieagentur Baden-Württemberg GmbH


  • Long-term energy security is created through a secure biomass supply.
  • Local production of willows in short-rotation-coppices leads to new added value.
  • New revenue opportunities are uncovered through large-scale utilization of willow wood chips for decentralised heating.


  • A tradional coal mining region gets new health-friendly jobs for the local population.
  • A high social approval for the sustainable energy supply of municipally buildings can be expected.
  • The project contributes to an effective awareness raising for a sustainable resource management.

Get to know more about the advantages of bioenergy in terms of sustainability.

BIO-PROM support for the pilot project

Comprehensive advice and tailored support services for

Technical issues

  • Analysis of the actual energy demand
  • Utilisation of forestry residues for heat production
  • Large-scale utilization of willow wood chips for decentralised heating
  • Elaboration of a project feasibility study

Financing issues

  • Analysis of efficient payment procedures for the municipalities (new tariffs)
  • Search for suitable financing instruments
  • Preparation of the investment proposal

To see pictures of the project, click here.