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Possible bioenergy projects in Ukraine

Within the Identification Stage, BIO-PROM has analyzed the spectrum of possible bioenergy projects that can be implemented in Ukraine in the near future. The analysis is based on the data provided by projects proponents while applying for the free-of-charge support services from our experts’ team.

The extensive participation of Ukrainian stakeholders states their in-depth understanding of the environmental and energetic importance as well as socioeconomic advantages that bioenergy projects bring along. The analysis shows that the Ukrainian proponent are ready to make own investments into the development of the bioenergy sector once stimulating legal and financial framework conditions are ensure in the country.

The engagement in the bioenergy sector can be stated all over Ukraine.

As for the type of bio fuels, both solid and gaseous biofuels are seen among the end products of the submitted project proposals. Liquids, such as bioethanol seems not to be an issue for the time being.

Various raw materials are proposed to be used for the production of bioenergy: As for the production of solids, forestry residues, energy wood and straw are named in the Ukrainian projects. Manure, sugar beet pulp, different agricultural products and organic waste are considered for the production of biogas.

Both, national and international distribution markets are of great importance in the proposals. While biogas is mostly planned to be used on local markets (for own purposes or for selling using the green tariff), solid biofuels can address the needs of the national as well as European heat power market. The outcome of the spectrum analysis in Ukraine is encouraging: There is understanding of the matter. There are numerous renewable resources available and reserved for the production of bio-energy. There is economic, political and social will to support the development of the sector in Ukraine. Thorough planning, preparation and implementation of bioenergy projects are the next steps to take in the near future.