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Possible bioenergy projects in Russia

Using the data provided by the applicants for the BIO-PROM free-of-charge support services, BIO-PROM has analysed the spectrum of bioenergy projects that have a high chance of successful implementation in the near future. The marked regions in the map illustrate that the Russian bioenergy sector is still developing and the number of interested participants is still expandable. The majority of Russian entrepreneurs with interest in this climate-friendly and economically attractive sector is located in the western part of the country.

The analysis shows that the interests focus on the production of wooden solid biofuels and biogas.

On closer inspection of the target markets it becomes obvious that biogas is relevant for local use only. Wooden biofuels, however, such as pellets and briquettes, are often intended for the export to European countries. Even though the domestic market is not excluded, the export is seen as the most promising option to achieve profits. It is very encouraging that the many of the interested Russian stakeholders (>75%) are willing to invest equity of at least 20% of the project costs.

Overall the analysis in the Russian Federation shows an encouraging outcome. Several renewable resources such as wood and agricultural residues are identified and a growing number of entrepreneurs begin to exploit them.