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Project studies

BIOSURF - “Comprehensive guidelines for establishing national biomethane registries” (en) (ru)

Basic requirements for the production of wood-based biofuels for heating purposes (en) (ru)

Bioenergy concept: model biogas plant (en) (ru)

Bioenergy concept: model bioenergy village (en) (ru)

Opportunities for financing and implementing bioenergy projects - current private and state financial institutions engaged in financing of bioenergy projects in Russia (en) (ru)

How to develop a bioenergy project in Russia using bilateral or international support mechanisms (en) (ru)

How to develop a bioenergy project in Ukraine using bilateral or international support mechanisms (en) (ru)

Important regulations for import of biofuels to EU (status: August 2014) (en)

Prospects of the development of bioenergy in the Russian Federation based on the utilisation of agricultural residues: Analysis of the regulatory and legal framework as well as national support mechanisms, 2014 (en) (ru)

The development of biogas technologies in Ukraine and Germany: regulatory and legal framework, Status quo and Perspectives 2013 (en) (ru)