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BIO-PROM timeline

The BIO-PROM project will be implemented successively, undergoing four stages.
Specific results will be achieved to demonstrate a successful completion of the respective stages.
At stage 1, the BIO-PROM assessment and selection team will identify promising and feasible pilot projects that are conform with the project profile introduced in the Info-Package for applicants and on this website.
The preparation of the main documentation for the selected pilots will take place at stage 2.
After the full package of documents incl. feasibility study, financial and business plans are prepared, the concrete planning at stage 3 will begin.
Finally, the pilots will be implemented at stage 4 of the BIO-PROM project.

Below you can find the expected results for each of the four BIO-PROM stages as well as the proposed timelines for their implementation in Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

Duration UADuration RUBIO-PROM results
Stage I -
07.2013 -
09.2013 - 
  • Comprehensive overview of possible projects in Ukraine / Russia
  • Criteria for the assessment of bioenergy projects focusing on climate change
  • transferable algorithm for the preparation of bi- and multilateral bioenergy projects involving Ukraine and Russia
Stage II -
04.2014 -
05.2014 -
For pilot projects:
  • Basic concepts
  • Feasibility studies
  • Financing concepts including analysis of possible scenarios
  • Businessplans
  • Full package of documents to move to the pilot’s planning stage and to search for investors
Stage III -
07.2015 -
08.2015 - 
For pilot projects:
  • Individually elaborated guides for strategic negotiations
  • Statements on pilot projects provided by the recognized German institutions
  • Capacity building for pilot‘s partners in Ukraine and Russia
Stage IV - Implementation12.2015 -
01.2016 - 04.2016*For pilot projects:
  • Tailored quality criteria for measuring success in project implementation
  • External monitoring of the initial stage of the pilot projects
  • Customized PR campaign to ensure the establishment of the pilot projects in Germany, Russia, Ukraine and the EU

 * Depending on the individual status of the pilot projects