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Bioenergy Villages in Ukraine: A promising initiative

On 18.02.2016, BIO-PROM has delivered the last country specific project event on one of the complex bioenergy solutions – the establishment of bioenergy villages in Ukraine

Within the last three years, BIO-PROM has worked on the promotion and sustainable production and use of bioenergy in Ukraine. A great number of individual investment projects have been reviewed and assessed against a comprehensive list of quality criteria. The most promising ideas were further developed, and the projects were granted technical and financial advisory services on how to plan, develop and implement bioenergy initiatives under the current conditions in Ukraine.

The process of technical and financial project support for individual industrial (pilot) projects was accompanied by a voluminous capacity-building work, regular public communication and advisory provided to the main political and strategic stakeholders of the country. This approach was chosen to ensure the highest level of sustainable project impact in Ukraine.

The current status on the bioenergy development in Ukraine including the practical experience gathered within the BIO-PROM lifetime as well as bottlenecks faced by the experts’ team and the respective improvement recommendations will appear in March 2016.

Prior to the publishing of the envisaged concept paper, on 18.02.2016 the BIO-PROM team has delivered the last project event in Kyiv – a workshop “Bioenergy Village – the way to a sustainable and self-efficient energy provision”. The Workshop was organised in the premises and under the patronage of the Ministry of Regional Development of Ukraine, in cooperation with the State Agency of Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Biomass Association.

The goal of the workshop was to demonstrate how individual bioenergy solutions could be combined in an innovative and complex initiative of sustainable and environment-friendly use of local resources while ensuring energy efficiency, nature protection and increasing regional added value.

138 representatives of regional and local administrations from all over Ukraine, technical experts, local politicians and financial experts participated in the event highly praised by the present local decision-makers:

  • Olexandr Dombrovsky, deputy of the Ukrainian Parliament
  • Yurii Shafarenko, Head of the Department for Substitution of traditional energy sources, State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving in Ukraine
  • Roman Radchenko, Head of the Department for Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine, Ministry of Regional Development of Ukraine
  • Georgiy Geletukha, Head of the Ukrainian Biomass Association

During the event, the BIO-PROM coordinator delivered three lectures on the basic concept, organisation and financing of bioenergy villages in Germany followed by the feedback from Ukrainian experts. Special emphasis was laid on the engagement of the citizens’ initiatives into the decision-making and implementation processes on the local level. The final part of the workshop was dedicated to the joint elaboration of a scenario on the establishment of a bioenergy village in the Ukrainian Boyarka. The concept was actively discussed by all workshop participants and welcomed by the administration of Boyarka. As a concrete result, the Boyarka initiative will be further developed to a wholesome project that might have a model character for Ukraine.

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