Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V. (FNR)
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E-Mail: info@fnr.de • Internet: www.fnr.de

Project services

BIO-PROM helps you to identify, plan and implement a sucessfull bioenergy project. Individual services are negotiated with the selected pilot projects. Generally the following support services are possible.

Stage I - Identification

Initiating networking, consulting and support services

  • Application announcement
  • Assistance in the search for project partners in Germany, Russia and Ukraine
  • Identification of possible pilot ideas / pilot projects
  • Selection of feasible pilot projects applying specified criteria
  • Definition of process steps for preperation of the pilot projects

Stage II - Preparation

FNR: Development of concepts for selected pilot projects

  • Political framework analysis
  • Analysis of technical and economic framework
  • Support in development and assessment of feasibility studies
  • Evaluation of business plans

GFA: Preparation of financing concepts for the pilot projects

  • Analysis of possible financing sources
  • Establishment and evaluation of possible financing scenarios including risk assessment
  • Active networking with investors in Germany, Ukraine, the Russian Federation and the EU

Pilot project partners: necessary input

  • Provision of necessary information for the concept development in Russian/Ukrainian and/or English/German
  • Feasibility studies including location, substrate and technology analysis if possible
  • Preparation of a business plan including market forecasts and cost-efficiency analysis

Stage III - Planning

Accompanying networking, consulting and support services

  • Communication with potential sponsors/investors
  • Preparation of statements on pilot projects to be provided for decision-makers in business and politics
  • Support and advice in strategic negotiations
  • Organization of necessary capacity-building measures

Stage IV - Implementation

Quality management and monitoring of the pilot‘s implementation

  •  Elaboration of tailored quality criteria for measuring success in project implementation
  • Delivery of an external monitoring of the initial stage of the pilot projects
  • Delivery of a customized PR campaign to ensure the establishment of the pilot projects in Russia, Ukraine, Germany and the EU