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Project profile: Bio-methane project

Project location

City: Horodenka

Region: Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

Country: Ukraine

Project concept

Construction and operation of an industrial bio-methane production plant with 60MW in Ukraine. Distribution of the bio-methane on the Ukrainian and European market.

Key Elements

  1. Installation and operation of an industrial biogas production based on agricultural residues
  2. Upgrading the biogas to bio-methane
  3. Feed-in into the national gas grid

Fuel specification

  • Agricultural residuals (corn silage, straw crops)
  • Sugar-plant cake from a sugar plant 70km away
  • Approx.. 352 000 t/a

Bio-methane production

Source: NAWARO

Project consortium

NAWARO UA was created as a joint venture of the German company NAWARO BioEnergie AG and Ukrainian businessmen. The purpose of the Company is the construction and operation of industrial bio-methane production plants. LLC “NAWARO UA" together with its partners will contribute towards ensuring energy independence and energy efficiency of Ukrainian energy sector through the use of environmentally friendly technologies and materials.

One of the world’s leading companies engaged in engineering and operation of industrial biogas production plants. NAWARO BioEnergie AG has built and operates the world's largest plant for the production of bio-methane from renewable resources with a capacity of 46 million m³ per year. As a partner, NAWARO BioEnergie AG will support the project in technical, engineering and operational matters, including assistance with a business plan, project planning, engineering, contractors, installation and commissioning.

Project status

A permit to land allocation for construction of the plant is available. A Memorandum of cooperation has been signed with the state and the local government. Agreements of intention to supply raw material are signed.

Current implementation schedule:

  • Planning: by the end of 2015
  • Engineering: end 2015 – beginning 2016
  • Construction of the plant: beginning 2016 – summer 2017 (18 months)
  • Commissioning: beginning 2017 – beginning 2018 (1 year)

Expected sustainable results and solutions


  • Reduce Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions due to

    • the substitution of natural gas for the production of heat/electricity
    • the substitution of mineral fertilizers


  • Contribute to the ensuring of energy safety in the country
  • Use agribusiness residues in an economical way
  • Decrease utilisation of imported fossil fuels in Ukraine
  • Create new added value for the region through the establishment of a new business branch


  • Create new and technically challenging jobs for local people
  • Contribute to an effective awareness raising for sustainable resource management

Get to know more about the advantages of bioenergy in terms of sustainability.

BIO-PROM support for the pilot project

Comprehensive advice and tailored support services for

Technical and strategic issues

  • Support in the preparation of a technical concept
  • Cooperation with the representatives of the Ukrainian governmental institutions on the development of supporting mechanisms enabling bio-methane production and transmission via the national natural gas grid
  • Cooperation with the representatives of the Ukrainian governmental institutions on the analysis and, if required, further development of the CO2-certificate trade system in Ukraine based on bio-methane production and utilisation

Financing issues

  • Development of an Investment Project Overview for the preliminary decision-making of the financing institutes
  • Support in the preparation of a feasible financial concept
  • Elaboration of financing scenarios for the pilot project under consideration of (inter)national financing programmes