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Project profile: Biogas project

Project location

Location: Novie Buyan

Region: Oblast Samara

Country: Russian Federation

Project concept

Construction and operation of a biogas plant for processing of distillery stillage

Key Elements

  1. Installation and operation of a biogas plant for processing stillage
  2. Provision of renewable heat energy for the distillery
  3. Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions 

Fuel specification

  • Stillage based on grain from a distillery

Biogas production: general process scheme

Владелец проекта

Buyan LLC

The Buyan company was founded in 2009, though its history traces back to 1791. The main activity is operation of a distillery. The production reaches up to 68 000 l per day. Buyan currently has 180 employees.

Project status

  • Planning stage

Expected sustainable results and solutions


  • Provision of renewable heat for the distillery
  • Utilization of the fermentation residues as high value fertilizers replacing mineral ones
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions due to

    • the substitution of natural gas for the production of heat/electricity
    • the substitution of mineral fertilizers


  • Increase of new income sources for the ethanol production
  • Creation of an added value for the region through the establishment of a new business branch
  • Decrease of dependence on fossil fuels in Russia


  • New and technically challenging jobs for local people in the biogas production
  • Contribution to an effective awareness raising for sustainable resource management

Get to know more about the advantages of bioenergy in terms of sustainability.

BIO-PROM support for the pilot project

Comprehensive advice and tailored support services for

Technical issues

  • On-site analysis of the project conditions
  • Analysis and feedback on the chosen equipment and technology providers (including analysis of alternative technological solutions)
  • Analysis of the raw material supply
  • Advice and support on the efficient utilization of biogas
  • Development of technical and financial documentation to facilitate the project financing and implementation
  • Quality assessment and management within the project

Financing issues

  • Development of an Investment Project Overview for the preliminary decision-making of the financing institutes
  • Search for suitable financing instruments
  • Preparation of the investment proposal including cash-flow analysis
  • Possibly: Negotiation with financing institutions