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Capacity building in Russia

Plan of capacity-building measures to improve the skills and knowledge in the field of bioenergy in the Russian Federation in the framework of the BIO-PROM project

Module 1

1. Bioenergy development aiming at production and utilisation of solid, liquid and gaseous biofuels in Germany

  • History of the sector development and bioenergy potentials in Germany (ru)
  • Legal framework and mechanisms stimulating the development of bioenergy in Germany (ru)
  • Perspectives of the bilateral projects in the Russian Federation (ru)
  • Challenges and tendencies in the development of bioenergy in Germany (ru)
  • Existing bioenergy projects (only in 2014/15) (ru)

Participation statistics

Participation statistics

Module 2

2. Characteristics of the international bioenergy trade

Reports (ru)

  • The goods and sales market
  • Peculiarities of logistics in the Russian Federation
  • International norms and standards
  • Certification systems
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Module 2

2. Sustainable resource management and environmental aspects of bioenergy

Report (ru)

  • The concept of sustainability in Germany and the EU
  • Implementation of sustainable management in Germany
  • Environmental benefits of the sustainable management
  • Socio-economic indicators of bioenergy
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Module 3

3. Substitution of fossil fuels – biogas

Report (ru)

  • Biogas: substrates and current technologies
  • Options for the utilization of biogas
  • Support from the state for biogas projects

Business presentations (presentations provided by invited German manufacturers of biogas plants)

2015/16 (WELTEC (ru), PlanET (ru), Wolf System (ru))

Participation statistics
Participation statistics
Module 4

4. Substitution of fossil fuels – solid biofuels

Report (ru)

  • Solid biofuels: current technologies and types of biomass
  • Quality management in the solid biofuel production and its consideration in the development of bioenergy projects
  • Support from the state for solid biofuel projects

Business presentations (presentations provided by invited German manufacturers of pellet lines)

Participation statistics
Participation statistics
Module 5 

5. Substitution of fossil fuels – energy crops

Reports (ru)

  • Plant species and their energy quality
  • Breeding and support mechanisms for short rotation coppice in Germany
  • Tendencies in the development of energy crops in Germany and perspectives for Russia
Participation statistics
Participation statistics
Module 6

6. Decentralised bioenergy systems

Reports (ru)

  • Concepts, types and peculiarities of decentralised bioenergy systems in Germany
  • Decentralised bioenergy systems in urban areas
  • Development of bioenergy villages in Germany
  • Bioenergy village: technical design, environmental advantages and economic planning
  • Financing of decentralised bioenergy systems in Germany
Participation statistics
Participation statistics
Module 7

7. Algorithm for the planning of bioenergy projects

Reports (ru)

  • Types of successful projects in Russia
  • Search for partners and establishment of a viable consortium
  • Technical design and selection of the efficient technology
  • Equity and search for additional funding
Participation statistics
Participation statistics